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What to Do to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

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Foundations of Oral Health Care

Taking care of your mouth doesn’t have to be difficult–but NOT taking care of your mouth can lead to tooth erosion, cavities, and other dental emergencies. To prevent the expense, pain, and annoyance of these problems, make sure your daily dental routines are ship-shape. Brush Your Teeth: Brushing your teeth

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All About Your Toothbrush

Out of all of the things in your house, you would think that your toothbrush is the least intriguing item. Actually, the toothbrush has a unique history. People have been concerned about dental health since the dawn of humanity. That toothbrush hanging in your bathroom dates back about 5,000 years.

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Oral Health ABCs: Sugarless Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing gum may indeed have potential benefits for your smile? According to numerous studies, chewing sugarless gum for a length of time ranging from 15 to 30 minutes can effectively prevent tooth decay and cavities. Typically, chewing sugarless gum is most effective after you have eaten

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Do you know what to do to prepare for a tooth extraction? Have you taken all the necessary steps and set up effective treatment plans for your recovery from a pulled tooth? The first thing you should do often involves having a solid plan in place to ensure your body can effectively recover with the optimum care and treatment.

Make sure to get plenty of rest after the surgery. Your body cannot heal itself if it does not have the time to heal. This includes avoiding strenuous labor including exercising at the gym. A tooth may seem small, but even your mouth needs recovery time.

If you smoke, quit the habit or at least stop it at least 2 days before and after the surgery. In addition, you should follow all instructions you are given to follow and use ice packs for swelling and heat packs for reducing pain. If necessary, take any medications you are given, but only as prescribed. Do not begin to eat any foods or drinks until the anesthesia has worn completely off.

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