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Early Symptoms of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Need a Dentist’s Attention

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Foundations of Oral Health Care

Taking care of your mouth doesn’t have to be difficult–but NOT taking care of your mouth can lead to tooth erosion, cavities, and other dental emergencies. To prevent the expense, pain, and annoyance of these problems, make sure your daily dental routines are ship-shape. Brush Your Teeth: Brushing your teeth

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All About Your Toothbrush

Out of all of the things in your house, you would think that your toothbrush is the least intriguing item. Actually, the toothbrush has a unique history. People have been concerned about dental health since the dawn of humanity. That toothbrush hanging in your bathroom dates back about 5,000 years.

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Oral Health ABCs: Sugarless Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing gum may indeed have potential benefits for your smile? According to numerous studies, chewing sugarless gum for a length of time ranging from 15 to 30 minutes can effectively prevent tooth decay and cavities. Typically, chewing sugarless gum is most effective after you have eaten

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Oral and pharyngeal cancer can have a significant impact on your quality of life. If left untreated these cancers can eventually spread to prove life threatening. This is just one of the reasons why every dental checkup at [practice_name] include an oral cancer screening.

Early detection of these oral health conditions can greatly improve your chances of treatment success. The University of Rochester Medical Center reports that the 5-year relative survival rates for oral and pharyngeal cancer are 83% for cancer that has not spread to another part of the body.

This rate drops to 62% if the cancer that has spread to nearby lymph nodes and 38% for cancer that has spread to distant parts of the body.

Early symptoms of oral cancer often include a lingering pain in your mouth, as well as swelling, or a lump in your cheek, or gums. You should also be concerned if you notice red or white areas on your gums, tongue, or tonsils.

Early symptoms of pharyngeal cancer might also include a persistent sore throat, or a feeling like something is stuck at the back of your throat. This often causes discomfort when swallowing.

Both types of cancers can also cause flu-like symptoms, which might include respiratory distress, a low grade fever, inflammation, body aches, and joint pain.

If you live in the [city], [state], area, and you’ve been experiencing symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer, you should call [phone] to schedule a checkup and screening at [practice_name].

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