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Teeth and Gums 101: Healthy Food Choices

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Foundations of Oral Health Care

Taking care of your mouth doesn’t have to be difficult–but NOT taking care of your mouth can lead to tooth erosion, cavities, and other dental emergencies. To prevent the expense, pain, and annoyance of these problems, make sure your daily dental routines are ship-shape. Brush Your Teeth: Brushing your teeth

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All About Your Toothbrush

Out of all of the things in your house, you would think that your toothbrush is the least intriguing item. Actually, the toothbrush has a unique history. People have been concerned about dental health since the dawn of humanity. That toothbrush hanging in your bathroom dates back about 5,000 years.

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Oral Health ABCs: Sugarless Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing gum may indeed have potential benefits for your smile? According to numerous studies, chewing sugarless gum for a length of time ranging from 15 to 30 minutes can effectively prevent tooth decay and cavities. Typically, chewing sugarless gum is most effective after you have eaten

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Are you consuming tooth-healthy foods? Have you heard that just as various foods can harm your teeth, others can strengthen them? Supreme oral health begins with knowing what foods and drinks can hurt or harm your teeth and gums.

To start, seek out foods that are high in calcium and phosphorus. These minerals have been proven to effectively strengthen tooth enamel and even help re-mineralize enamel so that it is stronger and more functional. Foods with high amounts of calcium and phosphorus include chicken, cheese, nuts, and milk.

Always try to ensure that your mouth is clean and free of food debris, which is paramount in the daily battle against tooth decay and gum disease. Crunchy foods that are water-filled not only serve to wash away hazardous ingredients, they can even help to stimulate the production of saliva, which can help in washing away food residue and help neutralize harmful acids accountable for dental erosion. Crunchy foods with high water content include numerous tree fruits including apples and pears.

If you think you have a poor diet that needs assistance, please call [practice_name] so we can get you in to see Dr. [doctor_name] and our team as soon as possible. Our office is located in [city], [state], and we can be reached at [phone]. Oral health care just keeps getting better!

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