Keep Your Chompers in Tip-Top Shape with Dental Sealants

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What would you say if our Southwest Dental LLC dental team told you that there was a way of preventing cavities on your back teeth? Well, it’s true, and that’s by using dental sealants! Dental sealants are strong, reliable, wafer-thin shells that cover your teeth and keep harmful, cavity-causing bacteria away from your tooth enamel.

Usually, children are encouraged to protect their teeth with dental sealants. This is because their smiles are more prone to tooth decay and other dental issues because they might not necessarily know how to properly clean and care for their teeth. However, adults are also encouraged to use dental sealants if they do not have any tooth decay or dental fillings in their molars.

The sealant application process is quick, easy, and simple. First, your dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth that are receiving the sealant. Then, they will dry the teeth and will place an absorbent material around them to keep them dry. Next, they will roughen the surfaces of the teeth with an acidic solution. This will help the sealants bond to the teeth. Your dentist will then rinse and dry the teeth and will paint the sealants onto the enamel. To help the sealants harden, they will use a special light.

Dental sealants can last up to 10 years, but they will need to be frequently checked at your six-month cleaning and exam appointments. If the sealants have any chips, fractures, or breaks, your dentist can easily replace them.

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