The Differences Between a Temporary and a Traditional Crown

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Are you about to restore your smile with a dental crown? If so, you will be given two different types of crowns during your appointment: a temporary crown and a traditional crown. To help you know the differences about these two restorations, our dentist, Dr. Lucas Rudelich, is happy to give you a little more information about them.

A temporary dental crown is the restoration placed over your tooth when you’re waiting for your traditional dental crown to be created in the dental lab. It’s a strong cap, but it’s not as strong as the traditional crown. It’s only meant to keep your tooth safe while you wait. This means you need to avoid chewing hard and sticky foods with that tooth as much as possible.

When your traditional crown is made and sent to our office, your temporary dental crown will be removed. Then, the traditional dental crown will be cemented over your tooth to fully restore its function and health. The traditional crown can function like a natural tooth and it can last many years if you take good care of it.

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