A Positive Oral Health Care Outlook with Endodontics

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With the coming of winter and a new year is another opportunity to protect your smile from future damage as well as care for previous damage that has gone untreated. Any damage to the pulp of the tooth needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. As the pulp of a tooth is the life force of the tooth that contains the connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerve endings of the tooth, it is imperative to make sure it is always well cared for. However, if it is damaged, it will need to be removed to save the tooth. A specialized branch of dentistry known as endodontics is dedicated to this exact oral health care need.

In order to ensure endodontists can perform their treatments effectively, roughly 2 additional years of advanced medical training beyond traditional dental school is required. Endodontists are responsible for saving millions of teeth in the United States every year, including saving teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. Using complex treatments including root canals, it is possible for endodontists to restore the look and function of a damaged tooth.

Endodontists can use complex oral surgeries to save broken and damaged teeth and allow the tooth to continue to last a lifetime. With endodontic treatments, individuals can avoid tooth extractions and the need for prosthetics. Plus, your smile will keep its natural look and function much more effectively.

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